PhD training in Spain and sampling in Brazil

January-February 2020 – During January and February, TRADITION’s PhD student, Thiago Fossile, was spending lots of time in the Department of Preshitory’s Laboratori d’Arqueozoologia at UAB. Thiago’s PhD involves analysing archaeological faunal remains with a range of techniques (stable isotopes, bone taphonomy, metrics, palaeoproteomics) to investigate links between fishing, climate change, technology and historical events on aquatic resources from pre-Columbian to historical times. And while the main question focuses on fishing, there are lot of non-fish faunal remains at the many sites he’ll be studying. The excellent team in the Laboratori d’Arqueozoologia have given some intensive training to help him build up his knowledge for identifying mammalian faunal remains.  

Thiago has recently returned to Brazil to start analyzing the faunal collections from a variety of sites held at the Museu Arqueologico de Sambaqui in Joinville (MASJ).